Dear Taxpayer,
As the Revenue Commissioner of Bullock County and on behalf of my staff, it is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that we provide you with this citizen access website.
The Revenue Commissioner handles the mapping, appraising, assessing and collection of property taxes in Bullock County. The Revenue Commissioner is also responsible for granting exemptions from taxes and collecting and disbursing taxes.
I hope you find this information helpful in gaining property values, assessments and taxes due. We are also pleased to provide the convenience of “Online Payments”.
This service is designed to offer you the following:
• The ability to pay your Taxes at your convenience 24x7.
• The convenience of paying your taxes from your home, work or anywhere that you have access to the internet.
• The option to pay your Taxes securely using credit cards.
• The ability to access Tax related Information, such as assessments, property records, deeds and tax maps at anytime.
• File your Business Personal Property Return. Click Here.
• Pay your Property Tax. Click Here.
• Homeowner and Storm Victims Protection Act 2011.
             Full Developed Lot.
             Single Family Lot.
*** New Legislative Acts *** •  [Act 2011-535] Alabama Immigration Act.
•  [Act 2011-544] Home Builders Protection Act.
•  [Act 2013-295] Homestead Exemption Act.

Online payments with credit cards is now available.

I hope you will find this web page informative and helpful. It is always a privilege to serve the citizens of Bullock County.
  Neara S. Reed
  Revenue Commissioner